Monday, March 19, 2012

It's dinner time!!!!

It's dinner for one tonight and that's my time to shine. Although usually I end up making too much but then I've got the next days lunch covered as well.
Ever eaten basa before? Me neither. That's no problem though. Here's what I'm working with:

Now I dont really pride myself on making amazing recipes or any of that stuff. What I'm after is ease of cooking and speed. NO fucking around, I mean absolutly NONE! You hear me!

So all i did was chuck the aspragus - I've shortened the word to save time, it's easier that way - into a pan and fried it for a little bit.

Then I just turfed the basa in. The whole reason for my exciting entry into the world of basa was because it was the only fish that was pre flavoured. No more, no less. Never mind the aspragus filled pan. Just cook em together. Let them make friends.

I had to split the friendship up, aspragus because too attached and started getting soft. fish fish fish feeeeesh.

Since I like to eat food fast, I just added some quick cook microwave rice and also some cucumber (which wasn't cooked).


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