Monday, March 19, 2012

It's dinner time!!!!

It's dinner for one tonight and that's my time to shine. Although usually I end up making too much but then I've got the next days lunch covered as well.
Ever eaten basa before? Me neither. That's no problem though. Here's what I'm working with:

Now I dont really pride myself on making amazing recipes or any of that stuff. What I'm after is ease of cooking and speed. NO fucking around, I mean absolutly NONE! You hear me!

So all i did was chuck the aspragus - I've shortened the word to save time, it's easier that way - into a pan and fried it for a little bit.

Then I just turfed the basa in. The whole reason for my exciting entry into the world of basa was because it was the only fish that was pre flavoured. No more, no less. Never mind the aspragus filled pan. Just cook em together. Let them make friends.

I had to split the friendship up, aspragus because too attached and started getting soft. fish fish fish feeeeesh.

Since I like to eat food fast, I just added some quick cook microwave rice and also some cucumber (which wasn't cooked).


Thursday, March 15, 2012

My life right now

Ever wondered what it would be like to save the galaxy? Or what about having someones life or even the lives of a whole species in your hands? I once did wonder these things. Now I don't have to because I can have these experiences every day.
Yeah I'm a nerd. I like space and I like sci-fi in all shapes, sizes, masses and quantum spectrums(I made the last one up. Sounds pretty sci-fi though doesn't it?). Movies, books and of course games.
Mass effect if like a kick-ass sci-fi novel which you have control of and get to play... for like 30 hours.
Now I wouldn't go calling myself a man of responsibility so when it comes down to the nitty gritty of life and death situations, sometimes it can be a little tough to decide. Then I take five steps back and realise, "What the fuck? This is a video game.  It doesn't really matter if this character lives or dies." Or does it.......

As time passes (..... and then some)

Well I think I can finally say with some confidence that it really has been far too long between posts!
3 YEARRRSSS! My god. So much time has passed and so much and so little has happened.

lets break it down..... Nu metal style. dun dun dun dun dundundndnndu.

well since 2009 I haVE:
  • Moved out of home 
  • Moved house again since then
  • ummmmm some other stuff
  • more tattoos
  • more travel (south-east asia, europe)
  • bla bla bla
Look, I never siad this re-introductory post was going to be exciting, it's kind of hard actually. I need to get back into the flow of things, get the ol' fing-danglers working again. Not that my older "work" was too brain bustingly exciting. Or maybe it was.

As i read over my last post I can't help but cringe slightly, but also smile and remember that writing a blog is actually kinda fun.

 All future entries and insights can be attributed to this man on the right. Thanks man. 

Watch this space for future entries

Thursday, December 3, 2009

a night in the city

OHH MY. It has been sooooooooooooooo long between posts. Every time I start a new entry it seems like i have been saying this. Fair call though since I have actually been taking way tooooo long. I'm sure if anybody was actually reading this, they would have given up looking for updates. I'm sorry. I hope you have found some better and more exciting blog.

So last night I had my work christmas party at some joint in the docklands so a few co-workers and myself decided to book an apartment to stay in so we didn't have to bother finding a way home. The apartment was conveniently located in the Docklands, walking distance from the venue.

Heres a view from outside our balcony:

Such a nice view. Going new places is an amazing thing. I mena yeah it's only Melbourne in some apartment but for some reason it can recapture the feeling of holidays far far away.

I wish I could have lived in this place. Two bedroom and 2 bathrooms and a kinda modern feel to it. It was pretty good for $290 a night. 
Here are some more pics


 A dude brought his PS3 so we could drink and play Modern Warfare 2 before the festivities began. What a great idea. So fucking cool

I thought it was kinda weird that some super nice apartment would have this weird kinda painting that my grandma would have in her house. Maybe they were trying to be ironic or something. Blew my feeble little humanoid mind. ARGHGHG

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let's talk Jalapeño's

Now I'm not entirely sure when I was first introduced to these bite sized pieces of culinary gold but let's just say since the beginning of our relationship, my passion for these babies has burned as hot as the sun itself.

I can eat these things on just about anything, from pizzas to sandwiches or even garnishing my weekly ice-cream sundae.

Hey bacon man, I'm gonna eat your face off!!

 Dear diary..... Wait, what? That's not right.
Today I woke up pretty early which is strange because I went to bed fairly late the night before. Usually I can waste my boring days away by sleeping in till 11 or 12 but today I awoke just before 10 with a feeling of vigour and splendidness that couldn't be quelled.
I decided to actually make breakfast for once. Just a bacon sandwich, nothing too taxing.
Let's take a minute to really appreciate bacon. I mean what makes it so great? Is it the saltiness, the meatyness or the unhealthyness. Possibly all of the above. Something about is just right.

Friday, November 13, 2009

home made pizza and weekends squandered

Again let me apologise for never updating. I think a big part of not updating a whole lot is not knowing weather or not people actually read this thing. I'm mainly updating today to keep Sida happy. Also maybe to keep others happy.
I would really love to know if anyone who isn't a friend of mine is actually reading this. My email address is as follows: Feel free to add me on msn or send me an email or whatever.

So tonight for dinner is home made pizza. Inc. cheese, jalepenos, salami and onion. It's in the oven as i type this. Maybe i'll take a pic for you sexy readers. Probably not. Sorry. Not really.

While everyone is out enjoying their hot hot weekend I will be slaving away at my job the whole time. Now when i say "slaving away," I mean not really doing that much. It is a great job for a lazy person.
Sory I have no interesting pics for this post. I'll leave you with something I found the other day.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A long weekend full of friendship, love and alcohol fueled midget beatings

Before you get upset there was no actual midget beatings. I'm sorry to lead you on like that. In fact I'm not even sure the term 'midget' is politically correct to begin with. It's been a pretty huge weekend and I must say I'm fairly tired. Since I was required to work until 9 on Friday and work also on Saturday I decided to keep it low key and not drown my sorrows in alcohol fuelled debauchery.
Saturday night was slightly more interesting with it being halloween and all that. It seems, year by year, that halloween is rapidly growing larger and larger. I guess I can see why, I mean why wouldn't you want to dress up and get silly and have fun. That being said i didn't really dress up myself because I'm a lazy shit. That doesn't mean I can't enjoy the festivities. To be fair on myself I did wear a creepy mask.

The beard and long hair weren't actually part of the mask. I stole that from Jesus. Thanks Claudia for providing this photo with terrifying lurker status. 
Sunday was recovery day. Here'a some pics of what 3 bored and hung over guys can accomplish.

This lovely rendering of yours truly was done by a friend of mine. Thanks Boucher.

We spent the night eating pizza which was very delicious. What more could a person ask for. In case you're wondering it was topped with half Americana and half Satay Chicken.
So that was Sunday night. Some other shit happened on Monday night and Tuesday but right now I cannot be bothered typing about it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Attack of the Giant Earwax

Ok this is some next level, kind of gross shit but hey, it's life. So the other day I was cleaning my ears with your standard run of the mill ear bud/cleaner things. Apparently they aren't great to use and can cause damage to your ears. I'm not sure how factual this is but it seems to make sense. I mean, it can't be great to be jabbing around there with a pointy little poker not really knowing what you're doing.
Long story short I pulled the biggest grossest chunk of earwax out of one ear. Normally I think on a scale of dirty to clean, I have pretty good ears. You know how sometimes you are out and about and happen to look inside someone's ear and it's like this fucking disgusting cavern of yellow orange goo. I mean. holy shit don't they ever clean their ears. They are probably partially deaf from having it so full of that shit. 
First thing I thought when i pulled out the earbud was, "Holy shit! This is going in my blog."
So here it is in all it's disgusting glory.

Since You've Been Gooooooooone

I know I know what you're thinking. "Jesus christ Evan, why haven't you been blogging I need my fix?"
Well you can just shut the fuck up right now, ok? Hopefully you can recall the clever title of this blog. What else did you expect? Ok, I'm sorry for telling you to shut the fuck up. I didn't mean it, really I swear.
Well, let's put all of this unpleasantness behind us and start looking forward to some tasty little morsels of bloggy goodness soon to follow.
See you soon


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bedroom from hell

I took some photos of my room last night because it's incredibly dirty.

I think my main problem here is clothing. There is just way too much of it and I can't seem to drive myself to put it away. Also there is a basket full of ironing up to my waist. Fuck. Oh well.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Adjective of the week

hyperreal [ˌhaɪpəˈrɪəl]
1. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) involving or characterized by particularly realistic graphic representation
2. (Sociology) (Philosophy) distorting or exaggerating reality
3. (Sociology) (Philosophy) pertaining to or creating a hyperreality
Here's some graphic representations thanks to google images


S-s-s-s-Sundaaaaayyy Fuuuuunnnday

This was the first Sunday I've had off in quite a while (fucking retail). I must say it was a delectably delightful.
My partners in crime were Stevens, Joshua and later on the one and only Nash.
Fun times were had over a tasty lunch of a 6" tuna sub with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickle, onion and jalapeno peppers. It was incredibly tasty and wholesome. Don't forget the italian herb bread.

I could barely get my mouth around the thing (lol). Its was stuffed full of vegetable goodness.

After lunch we ventured to Nash's house and played 2 thrilling games of darts. In the second I lost for the first time in 4 games. It was shattering and I'm not quite sure if I will ever recover from the shameful defeat or Josh's hurtful illustration of myself.

Sat night

Well it's that time of the day again. Flicking aimlessly through your daily websites, blogs and hardcore pornography and you happen across a brand spanking new post from your lazy overlord.
Saturday night was a relatively quiet one for myself. As opposed to painting the town red and spending waaaaay too much money I decided to go to the movies with a few sexy friends (you know who you are).
Now going to to the movies is never as exciting as going to the movies at The Astor. This is a single screen theatre which was built in the 1930's os it has this amazing old school cinematic vibe. It's double story as well so you have balcony seats and floor seats. The cool thing about this place is that it plays double features of movies you couldn't usually see at the cinemas. Also they have a cat which walks around the joint.

These pictures don't do the cinema justice. Its has such an awesome vibe. If you have ever been there you would understand what I'm talking about.
The two movies we saw were: Ponyo and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Both of which are anime movies from the acclaimed Hayao Miyazaki. Fortunately I had not seen either of these. They were pretty good but honestly I don't think double features are for me. A bit too long.
Regardless, the night was enjoyable and the company was great.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Walkin the dawg

As some people may know, we are selling our family homestead which really sucks because it means I have to move out and find somewhere to live. Anyway's some jerks were coming to look at our house today so I decided to go and take the dog for a walk otherwise I'd have to be there while they snoop around my house and listen to my dog going ballistic out in the backyard. I set off towards the back of Wyndham Vale so I could let my dog run around in the vacant (but soon to be super built-up shit hole dog box housing area) fields.
About 800 metres from my house it started to rain a little bit. I put my hood on and decided that the rain was heavy enough to continue. After a minute it started to get pretty heavy with no signs of letting up so I decided to wait under a tree for a little bit.
This is where I encountered the biggest cat I have ever seen.

The thing was fucking huuuuuuuuuuge. I thought it was a miniature bear. I think Zeena was pretty concerned as well. I thought it might scratch her face off so I kept her away from it.

Here's Zeena looking a little frightened

I thought it might be a good idea to get moving as the rain was letting up slightly. As we began walking it started pouring down rain. I ran for a bit but couldn't keep up with Zeena so I stopped beside a fence. (the rain was coming at such an angle it actually offered some protection.

I pretty much did a combination run/walk all the way home and was soaked through by the time I got there.
It sucked